Pope Francis avoids offence in greetings to Hong Kong, Beijing and Taipei


South China Morning Post:

  • Diplomatic good wishes from above for Carrie Lam, Xi Jinping and Tsai Ing-wen as pontiff flies over on his way to Japan
  • No mention of Hong Kong unrest or other contentious issues in papal telegrams

“As I fly over your territory I extend my best wishes to your excellency and your fellow citizens,” he wrote. “Invoking divine blessings, I pray that almighty God may grant you all well-being and peace.”

In addition to Lam, the Pope sent similarly diplomatic telegrams to Chinese President Xi Jinping and Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen. read more 

Opinion: The offense has barely been noticed by the mainstream press who love this radical pope. Politically the leader of 1.3 billion Catholics has made a deal with hardened Communist leaders while ignoring the massive protests of Hong Kong Catholics under growing religious oppression.

Donald Trump on Wednesday signed a Congressional bill supporting the Hong Kong protesters knowing full well that it would anger the dictator and jeopardize the trade deal he has devoted much of his term in office to. Not so Pope Francis. He sold out to the Chinese on September 24, 2018 here:

Vatican announces historic deal with China on bishop appointment

The Vatican on Saturday announced it had signed a “provisional agreement” with China on the appointment of bishops, a breakthrough on an issue that for decades fueled tensions between the Holy See and Beijing and thwarted efforts toward diplomatic relations.

Beijing’s long-held insistence that it must approve the appointments in China clashed with absolute papal authority to pick bishops.

Two more headlines followed:

China Forces Churches to Replace Ten Commandments with Xi Jinping Quotes

As China continues its religious crackdown, the authorities in part of central China have reportedly removed the Ten Commandments from churches and replaced them with quotes by President Xi Jinping. 

One pastor speaking to Bitter Winter (magazine) explained how the Communist Party was seeking to slowly dismantle Christian beliefs in China (read more)

Chinese Communists Replace Statue of Jesus with a Lightning Rod

Officials of China’s United Front have removed a statue of Christ the King from the steeple of the church of Linjiazhuang in Shandong, replacing it with a lightning rod.

Calling Christian symbols on church rooftops “too visible,” the United Front also tore down crosses from the church of Wuda (Inner Mongolia) and from the church of Zhumadian (Henan), reported AsiaNews, the official press agency of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions. read more

To Xi, the Pope sent his cordial greetings as he was flying over Hainan island: “I assure you of my prayers for the nation and its people, invoking upon all of you abundant blessings of peace and joy”.

“And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.” Revelation 13:11

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