Prophecy Today Radio. August 20: From The European Union To The Middle East


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Ken Timmerman: Recep Erdogan of Turkey serves as intermediary in Ukraine crisis as he plays both sides of the conflict …

  • Germany and France dominating the EU as a cold winter approaches
  • Is Iran close to a new nuclear deal?
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David Dolan: Israel’s relationship with Turkey warms up as Israel was an important source of revenue for Turkey’s economy despite Erdogan’s relationship with Hamas …

  • Erdogan’s visit to Iran has Israel concerned
  • Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of ’50 Holocausts’ on Palestinians while in Germany as he was asked if he would apologize for the 1972 Munich Massacre
  • EU leader speaks against Israel for closing down PLO offices in Judea and Samaria

Winkie Medad: Winkie’s Op-Ed in the Jerusalem Post on how the New York Times minimizes and cast doubts on the historical importance of two Jewish Temples on the Temple Mount, whole highlighting a Muslim story of Muhamad’s flying winged horse presence there …

Winkie’s take on Mahmoud Abbas comments on a’50 Holocausts’ in Germany

“Abbas has crushed peace process while the world pressures Israel to get along”

Professor Tom Meyer, the Bible memory man is now teaching at the Creation Museum and the Ark in Kentucky ministering and speaking the Word to thousands of believers … Learning to memorize Scripture …

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Legacy Series: Is Hell’s punishment eternal?

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