Prophecy Today Radio Broadcast November 26, 2022


Join Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Jr. and Rick DeYoung on the Prophecy Today Radio broadcast heard on over 120 stations around the world.

Ken Timmerman: The success of Ukraine over Russia/Sec Def: Lloyd Austin has been a war advocate for 40 years – analysis

  • Is the US looking for a larger conflict with Russia?
  • Is nuclear proliferation being fueled by Russia or Biden?
  • Russia Iran China Alliance developing …

David Dolan: A series of terror attacks in Jerusalem/over 20 injured and 1 death in bomb attack at a Jerusalem bus stop suspected to have been carried out by Islamic Jihad

  • Israeli Druze teen killed in bazaar attack in an Israeli hospital/ Hamas and Islamic Jihad celebrate the attack
  • Is Iran behind the tensions?

Rick and Jimmy and prophecy partners discuss excerpts from their final DVD Project with their dad, the late Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, on the “Destiny of America” – available for a gift of any amount call 423 825 6247 …

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Legacy Series: Jimmy answers the most asked question in Bible prophecy conference q and a: Is the Unites States in Prophecy?

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