Prophecy Today Radio Broadcast October 10-17


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Ken Timmerman: Passing of Queen Elizabeth: The Queen brought stability to Britain and remained a-political unlike King Charles III who is is a global warming political activist …

  • Prague protests against US and NATO are a rejection of the war in Ukraine
  • EU energy costs will double due to cutting off of energy supplies from Russia
  • Putin turns to the Middle East and China
  • Zelensky is retaking territory from Russia
  • Iran will reap 1 trillion dollars of benefit over 10 years due to the nuclear deal

David Dolan: Britain was seminal to setting up the Jewish state in the Balfour Declaration. Elizabeth became queen in 1952 when Israel was 4 years old …

  • Queen Elizabeth deliberately never visited Israel that created a frosty relationship. Prince William visited in 2020 and Prince Charles visited but not as an official state visit
  • Britain’s new PM Liz Trust made pro-Israel comments but Britain is involved in the Iran nuclear deal negotiations
  • King Charles becomes official leader of 14 countries

Pastor David Haynes (Westside Baptist Jacksonville Al) where Jimmy will hold prophecy conference this weekend on the coming and compassion of Christ …

1/3 of senior pastors in the US believe a person can earn the right to heaven – 1/3 of pastors could not definitely say they have accepted Christ as personal savior

Pastor Heath Marion: Ministry helps young people understand what destiny means and how it applies to their own personal life …

  • What is your purpose? Have passion not just on Sunday but throughout the week!
  • God has given each person a purpose that Christians many are lacking and many pastors are as well
  • Purpose is the driving force behind everything we do

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Legacy Series: Beginning a new series on Heaven

Prophecy Q&A Jimmy and Rick

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