Prophecy Today Radio Broadcast October 29 …


Join Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Jr. and Rick DeYoung on the Prophecy Today Radio broadcast heard on over 80 stations around the world.

Ken Timmerman: Iran’s government cracking down on protestors with live ammunition analysis …

  • Never heard of before – Russia threatening to expand Ukraine war into space by striking western satellites that are aiding Ukraine
  • Troubling developments regarding a Ukrainian dirty bomb
  • Contradictory reports on US/China nuclear weapons capabilities/Xi consolidates power dismissing former president Hu publicly

David Dolan: Update on the signed Israel/Lebanon maritime gas deal/A state of war still exists between Lebanon and Israel – analysis

  • Israel in talks to export gas to Turkey, Greece and all of Europe/Hezbollah agreed to the deal/No interaction between the two signing parties/No recognition of Israel/Biden praised the accord
  • Syria protests Israeli air strikes in Damascus against Iranian targets
  • Israeli election – rise of religious right virtual tie between Likud (Netanyahu and Yesh Atid (Lapid)/Right wing
  • Ben-Givr’s right wing religious party (Tkuma), strong advocates for a 3rd temple is gaining seats/Possible stalemate if Arab parties vote in greater numbers
  • Gantz visits Turkey/Herzog visits Washington DC – analysis

Winkie Medad: The next chief of Staff in Israel is a ‘settler’ who lives on the east side of the green line, is religious, marking a shift to the right – ‘you can’t take religion out of Zionists’

  • Those who salute the flag are are religious Zionists – those who do not are religious Jews who get along with government of the state of Israel
  • Two million Jews visitors to the old city and Temple Mount over the Jewish holidays – Both left and right Jews have a passion for Jerusalem and the state of Israel
  • Religious Jews who are not Zionists do not favor Jews entering the Temple Mount

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung Legacy Series: Concluding the study of Angels, Satan’s plan against the Messiah …

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