Israel 365: When an advertising company refused to post ads on its billboards offering advice on how to get abortions, the Satanic Temple responded with a lawsuit claiming the censorship infringed on its religious freedom since abortion was “a sacramental act.”


The Satanic Temple based in Salem, Massachusetts contacted Lamar Advertising based in Louisiana. The Satanic Temple wanted to advertise what the group calls its “religious abortion ritual” which it describes as a “sacramental act that confirms the right of bodily autonomy.” The Temple submitted five designs to Lamar for display on eight billboards in Arkansas and Indiana. Lamar initially accepted the proposal after being informed that the message was “pro-reproductive rights.”

The billboards, strategically positioned near centers that performed abortions, informed people on how to claim abortion as a religious ritual in order to circumvent waiting periods, counseling, ultrasounds, and other measures that some states require before an abortion can be performed. Read More …

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We have been saying for months that abortion is a sacrament of the left. Our post July 20, 2020 …

And this …

Joe Biden promises to undo Trump-era pro-life policies if elected president

Lifesite news July 29, 2020— In his Agenda for Women released Monday, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden promised to restore domestic and overseas funding to the abortion industry. The Trump administration has made an effort not to finance abortions with federal money. 

Biden dedicated one section of his Agenda for Women to “Reproductive Health,” which is generally a reference to abortion. The former vice president under President Barack Obama said he “will work to codify Roe v. Wade, and his Justice Department will do everything in its power to stop the rash of state laws that so blatantly violate Roe v. Wade.”

In the Democrat sacrament of abortion, it is simply not enough to slaughter children here at home. Democrats need to kill them everywhere.

Vote like tens of millions of lives depend on it.

There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.” Proverbs 14:12