Tennessee man with 18,000 bottles of hand sanitizer says he’s doing ‘a public service’


Market Watch: These pandemic profiteers have become internet pariahs.

Brothers Matt and Noah Calvin admit in a New York Times interview that they bought up all of the hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes that they could find across Tennessee and Kentucky after the first U.S. coronavirus death was reported on March 1, with the intent to resell them at a profit as public panic around COVID-19 kicked in. They cleaned out small shops and dollar stores, as well as Walmart WMT, +9.65%, Staples and Home Depot HD, +7.91% and began listing their items on Amazon AMZN, +6.46% at a “substantial” markup.

“It was crazy money,” Matt Colvin reportedly told the Times, revealing that his first 300 bottles of hand sanitizer sold out for between $8 and $70 apiece almost immediately — multiples of the prices he had paid for them. He also sold 2,000 50-packs of face masks on eBay for $40 to $50, sometimes higher. Read Article …

Opinion: I am officially ‘sick’ of the coronavirus.

I can’t help but wonder if the fear and panic is not tied to the leftist attack on men that became all the rage during the Obama nightmare. Toxic masculinity they called it, and little boys were made to act like little, well little girls.

So now instead of coming together to fight a national emergency, we cower in the face of a virus.

Image result for firemen run to ground zero

We denigrate men who run to danger to protect their country and save lives…

I have to hand it to the Italians who opened their windows and sang the national anthem to boost morale…

and applauded first responders who are treating the sick.

This is not the apocalypse, and criminals who are hoarding supplies and gouging for profit are the very definition of toxic human beings.

Stand up, Christian men, and be counted, we are only free because of the brave.

Jehovah-Nissi: The Lord is our banner.