The Fed’s Legalized Counterfeiting Is Spiking Prices, Impoverishing You, and Enriching a Few


The New American: “If a person is ever charged with counterfeiting, he should tell the judge he was engaging in monetary policy,” quipped the late economist Walter E. Williams. This comes to mind when pondering the 21st-century government habit called “quantitative easing.” Most Americans have probably heard this term, but may not know that it amounts to weasel words. It’s a euphemism — something you say when you don’t want to say what you really mean — sort of like using “pleasingly plump” instead of “fat.”

As for quantitative easing (QE), it actually means creating money backed by nothing; it’s legalized counterfeiting.

If you want to know why consumer prices rose at their fastest rate since 2008, 5.4 percent year over year in September, realize it’s no mystery. Some will blame greater demand due to Americans returning to “post-pandemic life” and labor shortages, and these may be immediate factors. But the big picture — and it is the big picture because it has become status quo — is that our government can create dollars at will.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported on this Tuesday evening in a segment about the Federal Reserve, an entity few Americans understand. “The Federal Reserve was created way back in 1913 by an act of Congress, and it had really two main goals: Maximize employment and keep prices stable. Keep inflation under control,” he stated, providing some background.

“Every month, the Federal Reserve officials print more than 100 billion new dollars in American currency, and then they inject those dollars into our financial system by buying assets like bonds and securities,” Carlson stated moments later. “This is not a normal thing to do; it’s a radical thing to do, and it was supposed to be temporary. It was in response to a crisis.” Read More …

Opinion: Money printing began in summer 2009 when a new young president with absolutely no economic background promised to fix the broken US economy. For years the US government had encouraged its citizens to buy homes whether they could afford them or not. Virtually any kind of income counted for credit.

The mortgages were then packaged into US government agency bonds and sold to institutional investors and private citizens all over the world. When they, the toxic mortgages began to default, the global economy began to sink.

Fed to the rescue:

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke resurrected a rarely used plan to save the young president and the global economy. From summer 2009 to 2013, the government printed $4 trillion in new money with the stated intention that it would be temporary and would be paid back.

It wasn’t, and when in 2020 Covid hit the US shores, another 6.8 trillion was printed along with a monthly infusion of $120 billion that continues today.

Wheelbarrows of Money | Keri M. Peardon

The third judgment of the tribulation, Revelation 6:5-6, prophecies a financial collapse unlike any that has happened before, i.e. global hyperinflation. A precursor of that event happened in Germany’s Weimar Republic following World War I when it was said that it took a wheelbarrow full of German marks to buy a loaf of bread.

The lesson the world needs to remember is that out of the Weimar economic collapse, a new world leader by the name of Adolf Hitler emerged that led to World War II and the Holocaust. The ‘beast’ of Revelation 13:1 follows a future economic event that will lead to  a final attempt to kill all the Jews and the last war of Armageddon.

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