The Morning Briefing: New York Times Takes a Swing at God, Misses Wildly


Assessment: The fact that what is, unfortunately, still the most powerful news source in the United States of America decided to publish this filth is the problem …

Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. The tea leaves rarely tell you that your plaid shirt is ridiculous.

Of all the things I was expecting to find after my Easter Sunday away from the news I really hadn’t thought I would see The New York Times dumping all over God.

“The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.” Psalm 14:1 KJV

But here we are.

Secular heathens are duty-bound to destroy America, we know this. When we tell people this it might seem like a bit of a fuss because we’re too church-y over on this side, but we do have a point.

The “Newspaper of Record,” the “Gray Lady,” the New York Times decided that Easter weekend would be a good time to “Give Up God.”


Passover started Friday and Sunday is Easter for most Christians (Orthodox Christian Easter, or Pascha, is next Sunday). In keeping with the season, The New York Times thought Thursday was the perfect day to publish a rancorous anti-God screed written by an angry former believer. The Times is now openly proselytizing for atheism, and while that’s certainly its prerogative, it also must be asked: why now, in the lead-in to two of the holiest of times for both Jews and Christians? And also, cui bono — who benefits?

The Times op-ed was the work of Shalom Auslander, the author of a book called Foreskin’s Lament: A Memoir, in which he bitterly recounts his Orthodox Jewish upbringing and how he has said goodbye to all that. He does essentially the same thing in the Times piece, presenting some acid recollections of being an eight-year-old learning about Passover, and adding, “In this time of war and violence, of oppression and suffering, I propose we pass over something else: God.”

This is because God’s judgment on the Egyptians in the Exodus story seems to Auslander to be excessive.

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