Israel 365: Europe is looking to end its dependence on Russian gas, oil and coal by 2027, according to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. Among the options for alternative energy sources is Israel, which could supply natural gas to Europe via pipelines through Greece or Turkey, as well as Egypt, according to an AFP report.

Former Israeli energy minister Yuval Steinitz said the Jewish state “could definitely be a serious factor in creating more independence and a wealth of energy sources for Europe,” according to the report. Israel could even export via Greece, Turkey and Egypt at the same time, he added, because “we have enough gas to export through the three channels.”

According to Orit Ganor, director of natural gas international trade at the Energy Ministry, the option of building a pipeline to Turkey was evaluated in 2016, but the project stalled, “mainly due to economic reasons.”

The EastMed pipeline, which would supply Israeli natural gas to Europe via Greece and Cyprus, “is still an option,” said Ganor, adding that Poseidon, the company in charge of the project, was in the final stages of geophysical and geotechnical surveys of the pipe’s route.

He said there was also agreement with Cairo on a seabed pipeline from Leviathan to Egypt’s liquification plants that would allow for greater exports to Europe, according to the report. Read More …

Opinion: Interesting that Orit Ganor considers the EastMed Pipeline ‘still an option’ after this February 19, 2022 headline from Jewish Press:

Now Just a Pipe Dream: Biden Blows Up Israel–Europe Pipeline

The Biden administration has abruptly withdrawn American support for the Eastern Mediterranean (EastMed) pipeline, a project aimed at shipping natural gas from Israel to European markets. The White House said the project was antithetical to its “climate goals.”

In reaching its decision, which effectively kills EastMed, the White House appears to have caved to pressure from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who has vociferously opposed the underwater pipeline because it would bypass Turkey.

Biden’s decision — reportedly coordinated with Turkey but reached without consulting Israel, Greece or Cyprus, the main countries involved in the project — undercuts three of the strongest American allies in the Mediterranean region read more

After all the ‘ironclad unbreakable’ platitudes about the deep friendship between the US and Israel, Uncle Joe Biden pulled the rug out from Israel and Cyprus leaving Russia as the sole provider of gas to Europe.

Israel's Leviathan Energy Prize: Where Will The Gas Go?

However, should Orit Ganor’s seabed pipeline from the Leviathan to Egypt’s liquification plants that would allow for greater exports to Europe become a reality, Ezekiel’s prophecy of a Russian prince being pulled into attacking Israel “with hooks in his jaw” (Ez. 38:4 NIV), becomes a real possibility.

You see, 40% of Russia’s federal budget revenues, and up to 60% of its exports, come from the sale of oil and gas and Europe is Russia’s biggest customer.

Ezekiel 38:13 identifies Russia’s reason for attacking the Jewish state, that has been debated for 2500 years:

Sheba and Dedan and the merchants of Tarshish and all her villages will say to you, “Have you come to plunder? Have you gathered your hordes to loot, to carry off silver and gold, to take away livestock and goods and to seize much plunder?”’

Plunder, indeed.

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