The Myth of “Occupied Palestinian Territories” — Part 2 of 2


Arutz Sheva:

In 1964, Ahmad el-Shukairy convened a conference at which he created a terror movement called the “Palestine Liberation Organization.” The P.L.O. undertook to perpetrate terror acts against civilians to “liberate Palestine from the Israelis.” Yet, none of their terror was aimed at driving Jordan out of its occupation of Judea and Samaria, nor Egypt out of Gaza. Only aiming to “liberate” the newly fabricated “Palestine,” all P.L.O. terror aimed at driving the Jews out of Tel Aviv, Haifa, Ra’anana, and other cities, towns, and villages in pre-1967 Israel and driving those Jews “into the [Mediterranean] sea.” 

It always has been Arab Muslim Orthodoxy that “Palestine” actually is the entire country of Israel, not merely Judea and Samaria (aka the “West Bank”). “Seeing is believing”: look at the following flags and logos of the “Palestine” terror groups whose claims Ben & Jerry’s favor over Israel, a country recognized by the UN:

1. The logo of Hamas: the green vertical squiggle in the top middle is the entire country of Israel.

2. The logo of Islamic Jihad: the red vertical squiggle in the middle is the entire country of Israel.

3. The logo of the P.L.O.: the green vertical squiggle in the bottom middle is the entire country of Israel.

4. The logo of Al Fatah: the green vertical squiggle in the upper-half middle is the entire country of Israel.

5. The logo of Palestine Liberation Front: the green vertical squiggle on the left is the entire country of Israel.

6. The logo of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine: the vertical geometric shape on the left half is the entire country of Israel.

That is their “Palestine” — not the “West Bank” or Gaza but all of Israel. It is on their flags, banners. It is their logo. No need to read Arabic. One picture is worth a thousand Hamas missiles. Read More

Opinion: After thousands of posts on the rightful owners of the land, from Biblical and secular views, I never once thought to look at the very symbol of the struggle. The flags bear out prophetic Scripture and the impossibility of a two state solution.

The Satanic inspired hatred of Jacob, whom God re-named Israel, is from time immemorial. It began while Jacob and his twin brother Esau were still in the womb:

And the Lord said to her:

“Two nations are in your womb,
Two peoples shall be separated from your body;
One people shall be stronger than the other,
And the older shall serve the younger.” Genesis 25:23

It festered over trickery when the twins’ father, Isaac, gave Jacob the title deed to the promised land (Genesis 27:28-29 NIV), and Esau was told he would serve his younger brother (Genesis 27:39-40).

It has reverberated throughout history with the anguish of Esau’s cry “When my father dies I will kill my brother Jacob” (Gen. 27:41) through the millennia to his descendants.

It continued when God swore to have war with the seed of Esau generation to generation, Exodus 17:16.

It was in full display when the Edomites refused Israelites passage to the promised land, Numbers 20:21.

It was confusing when God told the Israelites “You shall not abhor an Edomite, for he is your brother” Deuteronomy 23:7.

It was there when King Saul disobeyed and did not destroy Amalek, Esau’s grandson, 1 Sam. 15:1-3.

It remained when 400 Edomites escaped King David’s attempt to destroy them, 1 Sam. 30:17.

It manifested in the destruction of Solomon’s Temple, Obadiah 1:1-18.

It was present at the time of Jesus in the teachers of the law, Matthew 23:1-30.

And it is on full display in Israel today as the descendants of Esau have returned, Malachi 1:4.

Even though Edom has said,
“We have been impoverished,
But we will return and build the desolate places,”

Thus says the Lord of hosts:

“They may build, but I will throw down;
They shall be called the Territory of Wickedness,
And the people against whom the Lord will have indignation forever.”

Edom will not enter the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ on Earth. Habakkuk 3:3; Isaiah 63:1-3; Revelation 20:1-2

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