The Spirit Of Adolf Hitler Is Alive In The World Today… For That Spirit Is Satan


Author, Jan Markell Olive Tree Ministries:

Many pastors and churches sold out to the Nazis or else turned a deaf ear and a blind eye to the suffering of Europe’s incarcerated. Satan worked himself into the very heart of the church in Germany and caused many church people—pastors and laymen alike—to rationalize and compromise with the Nazis. A hear-no-evil, see-no-evil mentality swept the country with regard to her treatment of the Jews and other “undesirables.” When Germans were questioned about things they had seen, the whole nation suddenly developed a strange form of “amnesia.” Perhaps it was a self-protecting device that helped them forget the terrible ordeal of Nazi Germany.

The nation that had produced Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, and a host of other men and women for whom the world will always be grateful, also perpetrated and, often actively or passively, supported the carnage of the Third Reich.

But the casualties hit home, too, for Germany was a massive, burned-out crater by the end of the war. Three million of her soldiers died, and another million shivered in the prisons of Siberia. More than half a million civilians perished in the air raids over Germany.

But what nation is not capable of the same kind of tyranny? While Germany killed her six million prisoners, Russia killed twenty million in Siberia. Later, Stalin heaped countless other lives on top of that. The bamboo curtain imprisons millions more. The same kind of treatment and torture is inflicted upon those living today in dozens of other countries.

It is clear that the spirit of Adolf Hitler is alive in the world today, for that spirit is Satan.

So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” Revelation 

Auschwitz Birkenau <br /><small>German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp (1940-1945)</small> - UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Even as Germany believed Hitler’s lies, the world believes Satan’s lies, for he is the father of lies. Ironically Hitler himself was deceived, saving his most savage attacks for the unarmed Jews rather than for the armies that destroyed him. Even in his final words he denounced the threat of international Jewry.

That same spirit fans the flames of anti-Semitism today.

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  1. Brother Dan, I’m just standing right beside you reaffirming what you said and I did it in this way, ONE RACE ONE BLOOD HUMAN! And that is the way our heavenly father created us. There are many people that are not aware that Hungarian resident George Soros who also has dual citizenship in hungry and here in the United States, he is a atheist Jewish man that in itself to me is amazing. He has a son Alexander he is about 37 38 years old now that works a lot with the younger people and many of them were with BLM, these people were funded by George Soros as is many of the district attorneys in various cities throughout our country they’re in George Soros pocket. And he also helps fund antifa you beginning to get the picture here, and they all spread the propaganda very similar to what Hitler did George Soros is doing. you can also add Klaus Schwab of the world economic forum to that. Klaus Schwab, his son Oliver Schwab and yuval Noah harari these men are also atheist Jewish men and the latter yuval Noah harari is also a homosexual. And he is also for the lhbtqp. You will notice that I replaced the g representing gay with an h meaning homosexual I won’t grant them the perverting of the word gay which means happy cheerful and colorful then I put what goes there h for homosexual, the p at the end of it stands for pervert or perverts, because everything before that p is perverts and that is biblical. Back to George Soros, he has 95% of the media bought and paid for so that he can push his propaganda this is what’s going on in your country of the United Kingdom and in our country of the United States as well as other places throughout the world so yes this is the spirit of Satan at work here, and I stand with you brother Dan. These people have so many organizations it’s hard to get them prosecuted nobody will touch them because they are owned by Soros and then there’s no way to stop them this is a job for the Lord to do and he will be doing it you watch. So brother Dan in closing I’ll sum it up this way, if it’s not biblical I know in my heart Dan you will not stand for it that you stand for the Lord 100% as I do and many untold others that do in the world.

  2. Brother Dan you are correct, however I will interject this as well, as far as BLM goes and the others fighting for that same thing, I have this to say, One race one blood human!!!!!!! Is that not what father God created?

    • John, the use of BLM etc., was a mechanism in English to contrast one view with another with an emphasis in the meaning not the words. Please don’t understand that I support BLM or any other un-Biblical notion pedalled in the media.

  3. Anti-Semitism is more in evidence today than at anytime in my life. I’m not here speaking of headline stuff, events that reach the press, no, just everyday life. And this is rural England, far removed from Westminster and big city life.

    We all read of hatred of the Jews, we know it goes on, and in our neighbourhoods, but hey, they’re not targeting me, so that’s OK. I support BLM, racial integration, mixed neighbourhoods … I’m an OK guy, yeah?

    Not yeah! God said to Abram, the father of the children of Israel: ‘I will bless those who bless you and curse him that curses you.’ Gen 12:3

    And we dare wonder why our nations are sick, impoverished, hungry and fearful. Why we have tyrannical governments and worthless money? Take a long hard look at the Bible, especially its many words about curses especially familial curses.

    The US is just like the UK. We brought it on ourselves.

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