U.S. Taxpayers Fund Border Walls in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Middle East


Breitbart: American taxpayers are continuing to fund border security measures and border walls in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, and Lebanon with President Trump’s signing of a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) spending bill.

While the United States-Mexico border received only $1.3 billion for construction of a border wall at the overwhelmed southern border with soaring illegal immigration, foreign countries are getting help from American taxpayers to secure their borders.

The Republican-Democrat spending bill signed by Trump last week provides Pakistan with at least $15 million in U.S. taxpayer money for “border security programs” as well as funding for “cross border stabilization” between Afghanistan and Pakistan. more …

Opinion: One would think that the US is trying to self-destruct. Oh wait, a big percentage of the nation is.

The progressive left mainstream media has been working overtime to convince the people that Donald Trump manufactured the border crisis.

Who to believe? Our BPTnews rule of thumb, look at who is on each side of the issue.

The next step is to see if the Scriptures support one side or the other and while many prophecy teachers claim that America is not mentioned in the end times we respectfully disagree.

So where is America in prophecy?

In Bible Prophecy 101 chapter 7, we take a look at Daniel’s empires. The great prophet gives us two views of world empires that would deal with Israel both in antiquity and in the latter days:

In Dan. 2:37-42 the prophet is tasked with interpreting King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream: “You, O king, are a king of kings. For the God of heaven has given you a kingdom, power, strength, and glory; and wherever the children of men dwell, or the beasts of the field and the birds of the heaven, He has given them into your hand, and has made you ruler over them all—you are this head of gold.”

Rome and revived Rome are considered 1 empire or kingdom)

  • Head of gold: Babylon
  • Chest and arms: Medo-Persia
  • Belly and thighs: Greece (Alexander)
  • Legs of iron: Rome/Constantinople
  • Feet and toes: first view of revived Rome

Are Britain and America left out of Daniel’s List of Empires?

  • Britain – Established Palestine as a homeland for Jews in 1917
  • America – Supported and became Israel’s chief protector from 1948 to today

Daniel 7:2-7 introduces 4 more kingdoms in the form of four beasts coming up out of the sea of humanity.

Does Daniel 7 confirm Ezekiel 38, Britain and America as empires?

First Beast: Dan. 7:4 – Lion (symbol for Britain) with eagle’s wings (symbol for America) – standing on two feet with its wings plucked, represents Britain, America and colonies that had lost their power and question the second beast as to why it is attacking Israel, Ezek. 38:13.



Second Beast: Dan. 7:5 – Bear (symbol for Russia) on its side with three ribs in its mouth represents Russia (Magog), Iran (Persia), Turkey (Gomer) who are in league to attack Israel to take plunder, Ezek. 38:1-6.



Third Beast: Dan. 7:6 – Leopard with four wings represents a four nation African coalition represented in Ezekiel 38:5 NIV as the nations of Cush (Ethiopia, Sudan, and Somalia) and Puht (Libya), Ezek. 38:1-6.



Fourth Beast: Revived Rome was first introduced in Dan. 2:40. But now, in Daniel 7:7, the prophet tells of the final Gentile world kingdom of revived Rome. A beast so wicked there is no animal comparison, trampling the residue (earth) with its feet,

So where is America in prophecy?

A bystander.

Source: Daymond Duck “The Book of Daniel”

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