UFO sightings by Navy pilots could be aliens or new hypersonic technology from Russia or China


Daily Mail:

  • The unidentified aerial phenomena remain unidentified, though officials definitively said they are not a part of a secret U.S. government project
  • Senior officials told The New York Times that they are worried China or Russia could be experimenting with hypersonic technology
  • If that is the case, hypersonic research in Russian and China has ‘far outpaced’ the same research in the United States, the officials said
  • An unclassified version of the intelligence report is expected to be released to Congress by June 25 

Government officials have leaked details about the highly anticipated classified report on UFO sightings expected to be released this month, noting that there is no evidence to support that they are alien spacecraft.

But the report does not rule aliens out either, senior administration officials who were briefed on the report told The New York Times.

The report also theorizes the objects could also be new weapons developed by Russian or China – and definitively says the phenomena are not a part of a secret project from within the United States government.

Still images from a newly released video show a spherical object diving into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California. Investigative journalist Jeremy Corbell says the video shows 'FLIR [forward looking infrared] data' that is complimented by the radar footage

The report looks at more than 120 incidents of unidentified objects seen by U.S. Navy pilots in the past 20 years.

The UFOs were observed moving in patterns that remain difficult to explain, including their acceleration, ability to change direction and ability to submerge underwater.

Senior officials told the outlet that the objects could be evidence of Chinese or Russian hypersonic technology – which means the countries may have ‘far outpaced’ the US in weapons development.

Hypersonic weapons are aircraft and missiles that can reach atmospheric speeds faster than Mach 5, or or about 4,000 miles per hour – making them almost impossible to intercept.

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