Vaccine Passports Trialed in the UK, EU Leaders Push for ‘Standardised’ COVID Travel Passes


Breitbart: British government-sponsored vaccine passports will be issued to thousands of Britons after they receive the coronavirus inoculations in a ‘trial’ run of the programme this month.

The health passport — which will come in the form of a smartphone application — has been developed by the biometric firm iProov in partnership with the cybersecurity company Mvine.

The trial is expected to be completed by March and will be overseen by two directors of public health in a local authority, yet to be announced. The stated goal of the project is to see how health passports can function as a means of tracking how many people have received the first or second dose of the vaccine. Read More …

Opinion: Ok class what could possibly go wrong with the Vaccine Passport?

  • A. 65% of the population do not own smart phones
  • B. People refuse to get vaccines
  • C. Both A and B

What remedy does government have to force compliance?

  • A. Take away travel privileges
  • B. Take away grocery store privileges
  • C. Both A and B

What will government bureaucrats do when people lose their passport?

  • A. Block all privileges
  • B. Create a permanent tattoo or mark
  • C. Both A and B

What Bible prophecies come to mind after taking the test?

  • A. Revelation 13:1, 11
  • B. Revelation 13:16-17
  • C. Both A and B

0 right out of 3 = Time to start Bible study

1 right out of 3 = Bible prophecy C student

2 right out of 3 = Bible prophecy B student

3 right out of 3 = Bible prophecy A student

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The correct answer on all 3 is C