Vatican promotes UN’s pro-abortion ‘sustainable development’ agenda in Amazon


Lifesite News: The Pontifical Academy of Sciences, members of a United Nations network directed by a pro-abortion globalist, and governors of the Pan-Amazonian region have signed a common declaration committing themselves to implementing the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) in the Amazon.

The Oct. 28 declaration, addressed to Pope Francis and signed at the pontifical academy’s Vatican headquarters one day after the close of the Amazon Synod, consists in 14 pledges to “build together effective solutions for sustainable development of Amazonia.”

The meeting, titled “First Summit of Amazonian Governors: Pathways and Commitments for Sustainable Development in Amazonia,” was sponsored by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the Interstate Consortium for Sustainable Development of the Legal Amazon, Brazil, and the Amazon Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN-A). more ..

Opinion: Does the Vatican now admit they approve of abortion? Heavens, no. But, the Vatican says they are committed to Sustainable Development: “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Translation: population control = abortion

Sachs writes:

  • Abortion is a “lower-risk and lower-cost option” than bringing a child into the world
  • High fertility rates are deleterious to economic development
  • Legalization of abortion reduces a country’s total fertility rate significantly, by as much as half a child on average
  • Advocates for a UN global reproductive health policy, which is flush with abortion and contraceptives
  • Promotes the new UN Sustainable Development Goals which are replete with the promotion of sexual and reproductive health resources, including abortifacients, contraceptives and abortion services

But no, the Vatican does not, DOES NOT, support abortion. Is that clear?