Wave of international criticism after Ben Gvir visits flashpoint Temple Mount


Assessment: Jordan summons envoy; condemnations from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt; calls to maintain status quo from US, Europe; Palestinian Authority PM: Plot ‘to turn Al-Aqsa into Jewish temple’ …

Jordan, which views itself as a custodian of the Temple Mount — a status Israel does not recognize, though it acknowledged the kingdom’s “special role” at the site in the countries’ 1994 peace treaty — castigated Israel over the far-right minister’s visit.

“Jordan condemns in the severest of terms the storming of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and violation of its sanctity,” the Jordanian Foreign Ministry said in a statement, according to the Reuters news agency.

Ben Gvir did not enter the mosque. He made a 15-minute visit to the Temple Mount compound around 7 a.m. — during the time Jews are allowed to enter the site. He had visited on numerous previous occasions, but Tuesday’s trip carried more weight as it was his first as a minister.

Israel’s ambassador to Jordan, Eitan Surkis, was called into Jordan’s Foreign Ministry offices for a dressing-down, according to Hebrew media reports. Surkis told the Jordanians that Israel remained committed to the status quo, that there had not been any violations of the agreement and that Israeli ministers have visited the site in the past.

The majority of Israelis support allowing Jewish prayer at the Temple Mount. Read More …

Opinion: Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount. Oh, the audacity. But Itamar Ben Gvir is just getting warmed up. By all accounts the new Israeli minister is planning to follow in the footsteps of Meir Kahane, which included calls to ban Jewish-Arab intermarriage (Deut. 7:3) and for the mass expulsion of Palestinian terrorists and, take a deep breath, …

A temple on the Temple mount. 

Kahane himself was assassinated by an Arab assailant in New York in 1990.

Algemeiner January 2, 2023 …

Secretary of State Blinken Calls New Israeli Foreign Minister, Raises Threats to Two-State Solution

In November, the State Department condemned Ben-Gvir’s appearance at a memorial for Meir Kahane, the far-right, US-born Israeli parliamentarian assassinated in 1990. “Celebrating the legacy of a terrorist organization is abhorrent; there is no other word for it,” State Department spokesman Ned Price said at the time. Kahane was convicted of terrorism-related offenses in both Israel and the US, and his political party and its successor organizations were designated by the US as terrorist organizations from 1997 until May 2022.

Ben-Gvir on Sunday announced that he intends to visit the Temple Mount, which a spokesman for Hamas, the Gaza-based Palestinian terrorist group, said would be explosively escalatory. Former Prime Minister Yair Lapid said Monday that if Ben-Gvir visits the Temple Mount, “people will die.”

I’m pretty sure Gen Gvir doesn’t know it but if his agenda comes to pass, the desired temple will set the stage for Antichrist.

“Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week;
But in the middle of the week He shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering …” Daniel 9:27

Notice the small h.