Sep 192014


Zero Hedge: “The Ukrainian economy will contract 9% this year, a far greater contraction than assumed in the IMF’s bailout (odd how that always happens). Accordingly, this “makes sustainability of Kiev’s government debts much more doubtful, and has sparked concerns that the country will eventually be forced to default and restructure.”

As skepticism grows that Ukraine will be the next Greece, only without the backstop safety net of the EUR currency, bondholders are starting to get skeptical, and overnight the yield on Ukraine bonds due April 2023 slid to 10.61%, the highest in 4 months on rising fears of a default.

Which begs the question: are the massive stores of coal in the Donetsk region the main reason why Russia continues to support a civil war in just that region, a war which with every passing day means the Ukraine bankruptcy, and inevitable regime change, is also one day closer?”

Opinion: Taka a wild guess which commodity the Obama Administration has a war against?

“If somebody wants to build a coal-fired power plant, they can. It’s just that it will bankrupt them.” Senator Barack Obama, November 2, 2008.

Sep 132014

China-Russia-to-build-one-of-the-largest-seaports-in-northeastern-Asia-300x169Stratrisks: “China and Russia will build one of the largest ports in northeast Asia on Russia’s Sea of Japan coast, reports said, in a further sign of the powerhouses’ growing alliance. The seaport is expected to be able to handle about 60 million tonnes of cargo a year.

That’s comparable to Britain’s busiest port Immingham or Le Havre in France, according to European Commission statistics. The facility will be located in far eastern Russia, just 18km from the Chinese border. The region is also close to North Korea.”

Opinion: The rupture of Russia’s relations with the West is strengthening the relationship between Russia and China. As reported in China Daily: “The Western sanctions pushing Russia out of the international financial system are also making Moscow more ready and willing to back the Chinese yuan against the US dollar.”

Excerpt from: Antichrist: The Search For Amalek  (Chapter 12-fiction)

“Brennan had some disturbing news to share. He informed the group that there was urgent intel from our people on the ground in the Far East. China was about to make a move with support from Japan, Russia, and the European Union to dump the dollar as the world reserve currency.

They planned to institute the renminbi, either alone or as part of a basket of currencies called Special Drawing Rights (SDRs), which would include the euro and the yen. Brennan told the Cabinet that China had been buying large amounts of gold for the past five years in an effort to build global confidence in the Chinese currency.

Their aim was to make the renminbi the de facto reserve currency and to increase global influence. China had been building support from Australia and Brazil since 2013 by enacting currency swaps to enable the direct convertibility of their currencies into Chinese renminbi, without US dollar intermediation.”

While there are no guarantees as to the timing, we placed the end of the dollar as world reserve currency after the rapture of the Church.


Sep 082014

Zero Hedge: “Until this moment, the main reason why everyone mostly dismissed Europe’s sanctions against Russia is that despite all its pompous rhetoric, Europe consistently refused to hit Russia where it would hurt: its energy titans Gazprom, Rosneft And Transfneft. The reason is simple: by imposing sanctions on these core energy exporters, Europe would directly threaten the stability of its own energy imports (Russia accounts for up to 30% of German gas imports), and as winter approaches with every passing day, playing with the energy status quo would seem like economic suicide.

This all appears to have changed last Friday, when as the FT reports from a leaked copy, Europe’s latest sanctions round will boldly go where Europe has never dared to go before, and impose sanctions on the big three: Rosneft, Gazprom Neft and Transneft.”

Opinion: I didn’t think it would happen. Winter is coming and Europe will be forced to pay up for energy – weakening already crumbling economies.



  • Russia accelerating away from the petro dollar
  • Russia/China relationship strengthened
  • Gazprom will accept payment in Yuan, further weakening the US dollar


Sep 082014

Zero Hedge: Cluster Of Central Banks” Have Secretly Invested $29 Trillion In The Market Bank Of Japan Plunge Protection Team Goes Into Overdrive, Buys Most ETFs Since 2010 It’s Settled: Central Banks Trade S&P500 Futures At this point why even pretend there is a “market”? The “market”, and by “market” we mean stocks – it

Sep 052014
The One Percenters Behind Fast Food Protests

The Washington Free Beacon: “The flacks behind Thursday’s protests over wages for fast food employees have earned millions from unions for their efforts to lighten the pockets of middle class franchise operators. Jonathan Rosen and Valerie Berlin, founders of the eponymous BerlinRosen PR firm, have taken in more than $8 million over the last two

Sep 022014
Biden: "Unions Built The Middle Class In America"

Zero Hedge: “You didn’t build that… Unions did. Vice President Joe Biden gave a ‘rousing’ Labor Day speech this morning explaining that “Unions did, in fact, build the middle-class… and that built The United States of America as we know it.” Opinion: What Joe forgot to mention is that the Obama administration, of which he

Sep 012014
Is there a microchip implant in your future?

Fox News: “You can inject one under your skin and no one will ever notice. Using short-range radio frequency identification (RFID) signals, it can transmit your identity as you pass through a security checkpoint or walk into a football stadium. It can help you buy groceries at Wal-Mart. In a worst-case scenario – if you

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