Nov 252015


Breitbart: “President Obama calls the upcoming climate summit with world leaders in Paris a “powerful rebuke” to Islamic State terrorists who attacked the city earlier this month.

“What a powerful rebuke to the terrorists it will be, when the world stands as one and shows that we will not be deterred from building a better future for our children,” Obama marveled, after previewing his attendance at the summit which begins next week in Paris.”

Opinion: For once, I completely agree with the president. ISIS terrorists will be laughing so hard watching the West destroy itself economically that they might forget to kill anyone for the whole week.

Nov 252015


The Washington Examiner: “The national debt has surged more than half a trillion dollars in the last three weeks, as the suspension of the debt ceiling in late October has allowed the government to borrow as much as it wants.

Before the debt ceiling was suspended, the national debt stood at $18.15 trillion. But over the last 22 days, it soared $578 billion.

As of Friday, total national debt stood at $18.72 trillion.

280973Opinion: Political analyst, Pat Caddell’s speech at a November 6 Restoration Weekend event, spoke on the state of American politics:  why Hillary will not be president and the state of decline he sees in America.

I took this excerpt from the speech because in addition to the moral and spiritual decline of our nation, most Americans agree that a fundamental pillar of our society has been lost due to a mountain of debt:

“Let me tell you about the state of American politics that this put in play.  And I want to start with something you will not hear from any of the candidates, which is, in fact, I would believe, the environment that they should start with, which is — first of all, I want to describe three attitudes that exist in this country.

Seventy-two percent of the American people flat-out say the United States is in decline. Okay? Seventy-two percent. Sixty percent of Americans believe that they inherited from their parents a better life than their parents had.  The same percentage believe their children will have a worse life than they had, which is to me the abrogation of the single largest moral commandment of being an American — that we give our children better than we had.  And that is being dissipated by debt, by all of the things going on in the eating of the seed corn and also a sense of our moral environment.

And I would say this — you know, if that happens, if we let that happen — and this is not some issue to stick between roads and Medicare or something. This is the greatest moral issue in this country.  Because if we fail that test, there will still be a place called the United States, but there will be no America.

For 21 generations, Americans have lived to that moral commandment.  And that we do not hear.”

President Obama once called the debt accumulation under President George W. Bush un-American. Obama has since doubled that amount.


Here's The Real Reason Obama Killed The Keystone XL Pipeline

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Nov 092015


Investors Business Daily Op-Ed: “President Obama has junked the Keystone XL pipeline. His stated reason: The U.S. needs to lead the “serious action to fight climate change.” His real reason is different.

‘America,” Obama said, is “now a global leader” in the climate war, “and frankly, approving this project would have undercut that global leadership.”

He insists now is the time to “protect the one planet we’ve got while we still can.” Though his rhetoric will resonate with those who want to hear that sort of bunkum, the rest of us recognize its vast emptiness.”

Opinion: The UN Climate Summit extravaganza begins three weeks from today in Paris. President Obama, along with climate buddy, Pope Francis, will lead the charge for global oversight.

That should be quite a show.


Exxon Mobil Investigated for Possible Climate Change Lies by New York Attorney General

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Nov 062015
Exxon Mobil Investigated for Possible Climate Change Lies by New York Attorney General

The New York Times: “The New York attorney general has begun a sweeping investigation of Exxon Mobil to determine whether the company lied to the public about the risks of climate change or to investors about how those risks might hurt the oil business. According to people with knowledge of the investigation, Attorney General Eric

Nov 052015
Secretary John Kerry Invites Russia and China into TPP

The New American: “In an interview with Russian interstate channel Mir TV, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry invited China and Russia to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). “We invite people to come join other initiatives, like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the TPP. We welcome China, we welcome Russia, we welcome other countries who would like

Nov 032015
Sweden: Negative Interest Rates and Closer to being Cashless

Business Insider: “Sweden is shaping up to be the first country to plunge its citizens into a fascinating — and terrifying — economic experiment: negative interest rates in a cashless society. The Swedish central bank, the Sveriges Riksbank, on Wednesday held its benchmark interest rate at -0.35%, the level it has been since July. Though

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