Aug 032015


News: “President Barack Obama will impose steeper cuts on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants across the country than previously expected, senior administration officials said Sunday, in what the president called the most significant step the U.S. has ever taken to fight global warming.

The Obama administration is expected to finalize the rule at a White House event on Monday, a year after proposing unprecedented carbon dioxide limits.

“Climate change is not a problem for another generation,” Obama said. “Not anymore.”

Opinion: In preparation for the UN Climate Summit in December:



Aug 022015

therichruleoverthepoorAn interesting article in Zero Hedge on Friday said this: 7 Out of 10 Americans Believe That Debt is a Necessity In Their Lives:

Most of us wish that we didn’t have any debt, but we have bought into the lie that it is a necessary part of life in America in the 21st century.

It has been estimated that 43 percent of all American households spend more money than they make each month, and U.S. households are more than 11 trillion dollars in debt at this point.

When it comes to government debt, that is easy for us to blame on someone else, but all of this household debt is undoubtedly something that we have done to ourselves.”

Opinion: At a young age I remember my Dad calling a family meeting to celebrate the paying off of our mortgage. Dad told us that several people criticized the move saying he would be missing out on tax deductions, to which, he responded:

“How could it benefit anyone to pay thousands in interest and get a fraction of it back in a tax refund?”

I had my own family celebration years ago upon paying off our mortgage. To be sure, there was a lot of stuff we could have bought with the 6 figure check but I never forgot the look on Dad’s face and I wanted that for my family.

Since then, avoiding debt has been a priority. That means doing with a smaller home, less expensive cars and living within our means.

Moses taught the Israelites about debt on their way to the Promised Land “The Lord shall open unto thee His good treasure, the heaven to give the rain unto thy land in His season, and to bless all the work of thine hand: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow.”

Sadly, America is the largest debtor nation on earth.

Click on the blue link above for: “What Does The Bible Say About Debt?”



Aug 012015

epaInvestors Business Daily Op-Ed: “Regulation: As businesses struggle to stay open and lay off workers, the Environmental Protection Agency is preparing one of the biggest hiring binges in America outside of Google. Good news? Hardly.

Nearly 15,000 people work at the EPA now — making the agency a major national employer. This also lets its tentacles grow even more intrusive.”

“Let’s just say that the prevailing priority at EPA is to find ways to slow or shut down factories, not help open them,” says Myron Ebell, a scholar at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. “The rules on carbon emissions, methane, coal plants and others have cost the economy tens of thousands of jobs.”

Opinion: It is interesting to watch how secular writers almost get it right. They see the monster of government growing exponentially, yet without the lens of scripture the end game stops short.

In yesterday’s guest post by our friend Steve, some of the major supporters/financiers who are involved in the global warming/climate change/sustainability hoax are listed:

  • The United Nations
  • Common Core financier Bill Gates
  • Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)
  • Bilderberg summit attendees
  • The Vatican

The great prophet Daniel had a dream of four great beasts, in which he interpreted four final world empires also confirmed by Ezekiel:

The first three: a lion with eagle’s wings, a bear, and a leopard with four heads, correspond to

  1. Britain (lion) and US (eagle’s wings) – Daniel 7:4, Ezekiel 38:13
  2. Russia, Turkey and Iran – Daniel 7:5, Ezekiel 38:3,5,6
  3. North Africa – Cush (Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia) and Put (Libya) – Daniel 7:6, Ezekiel 38:5

The fourth, which Daniel 7:7 said was so wicked there is no animal comparison, will trample the residue (earth) with its feet.

This fourth beast corresponds to Nebuchadnezzar’s vision of the two legs of the Roman Empire (Rome/Constantinople) and the ten toes (kingdoms) of a revived form of the Roman Empire in the last days. (Daniel 2:41)

Daniel’s 4th beast needs a launching pad and a cause: the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP21 or CMP11, to be held in Paris, France November 30- December 11. 2015 is the launch, and the theme of Sustainability should provide the cause.


Jul 312015
70% Of Americans See Economy Worsening, Consumer Comfort Collapses

Zero Hedge: “With stocks just 1-2% from record highs, because China is fixed, oil is recovering, Europe is awesome, and gas prices are low? it appears the talking heads forgot to tell the ‘people’ how great things are. Bloomberg’s Consumer Comfort index plunged (by the most since Sept 2014) to hover at 18 month lows…

Jul 302015
Israel Exploits Syrian Chaos to Plan Looting of Golan Oil

Global Research: “The Afek oil and gas exploration company has almost completed its second drilling test in the Golan Heights, a part of Syria which Israel has occupied since 1967 and annexed in violation of international law. The test is part of a three-year program to see if hydrocarbons in the area could lead to oil or gas for Israel. Israel is fuel-poor and its domestic energy

Jul 292015
Greek Economy Faces Total Collapse As Doctors Flee, Retail Sales Plunge 70%

Zero Hedge: Greece’s dive into financial uncertainty is forcing struggling businesses to take unusual steps to survive, including hoarding euros in cash. Businesses which import their raw materials have been the hardest hit, says Vassilis Korkidis, head of the National Confederation of Hellenic Commerce (ESEE). As unease spreads, getting one’s hands on cash has become

Jul 222015
Greeks Laugh As Bankers Implore Depositors To Return Money

Zero Hedge: “President of Greek Banks Association Louka Katseli appealed at the citizens to return their money to the banks. “Banks are absolutely trustworthy,” Katseli told Mega TV “as guaranteed by the ECB and the Bank Association, but they would have been even more powerful if 40 billion euros had not been withdrawn in the

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