Oct 222014

WHY-TH~1Stratrisks: “The Turkish government got a big slap in the face last week when the United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly voted to turn down its application for a Security Council seat. In effect, the international community was rejecting Turkey’s hostile policies both at home and abroad. Why did Turkey lose in 2014 more than half the 151 votes it received in its successful bid for a Security Council seat in 2008?

The vigorous campaign by a large number of countries against Turkey’s membership: Armenia, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Israel, Syria, and Saudi Arabia, among others.”

Opinion: Actually, I’m surprised. Recip Erdogan has gone out of his way to disparage the Jewish state since the 2010 Mavi Marmara incident. And the UN never misses a chance to call for resolutions against Israel.

Turkey has a date with Bible prophecy in the war of Gog and Magog (Ezekiel 38:6) and breaking ranks with the UN and joining the Russia/China Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) would be a better fit.


Oct 212014

UNSC_2014-10-14_REThe Jerusalem Post: “The United Nations, in an annual exercise, voted in five countries last week to begin serving two-year stints on the Security Council, beginning on January 1. Although there was some good news for Israel in the results, most of it was bad.

The good news is that the Turkey of Israel-bashing President Recep Tayyip Erdogan failed in its bid for one of the five rotating, non-permanent seats, losing in balloting to Spain. The bad news is that of the five new members, two of them – Venezuela and Malaysia – do not even have diplomatic relations with Israel.

What that means is that when the members of the new council take their seats in January for a year in which Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is likely to make the Israeli-Palestinian conflict a major agenda item on the council’s schedule.”

Opinion: Let’s recap October 2014, so far:

  1. October 3: Sweden broke with most of the EU states and officially recognized the state of Palestine
  2. October 8: The EU announced plans to impose crippling economic and cultural sanctions on Israel if the Jewish state does not agree to unilaterally withdraw behind the 1949 Armistice lines.
  3. October 20: EU announces it is adding Venezuela and Malaysia – which do not have diplomatic relations with Israel.

The latest “Israeli outrage” to which the EU and others, including US President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, are taking such offense is the announcement by the Israel Lands Authority to solicit private sector tenders for the construction of roughly 2600 apartment units slated to be built in Jerusalem’s burgeoning Givat Hamatos neighborhood. In fact, there is nothing at all new in these plans, which have long been a part of Jerusalem’s municipal development plan and were first announced more than three years ago.

That Israel should stop building homes to accommodate the natural growth of its population means that when a Jewish baby is born, another Jew has to leave. Zero population growth is being demanded.

The EU also demands Israel return to the 1949 Armistice lines as a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

The 1949 Armistice lines gave what is today called ‘occupied Palestinian territory’ (Judea and Samaria- West Bank) to Jordan. Jerusalem was divided into Jordanian East Jerusalem and Israeli West Jerusalem.

The Gaza Strip was, according to the agreed-on 1949 Armistice lines, given to Egypt. Jordanians settled in their territory and Egypt sent settlers into theirs to establish possession. There was no territory under dispute that was ‘occupied’ in any meaningful sense.

In the war of 1967, Israel recaptured Judea and Samaria (West Bank) as well as the Gaza Strip.

Israel, according to the US and EU, is to give those lands to the Palestinians which was never theirs to begin with.

You would think that since the EU is suffering from one economic crisis after another, they would connect the dots on Genesis 12:3 and Joel 3:1-2.

We won’t hold our breath.

(Thanks to Nannette for sending this in)

Oct 162014

Turkish army tanks take up position on the Turkish-Syrian border near the southeastern town of Suruc in Sanliurfa provinceStratrisks: “But what is happening in Turkey is uncannily similar to what happened in Pakistan. Turkey acted as a conduit to the FSA as much as Pakistan did to the Mujahedeen. The FSA gradually fragmented and spawned the vicious ISIS just like the Mujahedeen became the Taliban. Admittedly Taliban is not as virulent as the IS, but the ideology and modus operandi are the same. Pakistan came into being as a Muslim state with Mohammad Ali Jinnah as the strident advocate of a separate Muslim state in India.

Turkey used to be and still is considered as the most secular state within the Muslim world and it is the only Muslim state in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). This country along with Pakistan and Iran used to be bedrock of American front line for defence, in the form of Regional Cooperation for Development (RCD), against the communist-socialist expansion during the cold war days. But the political spectrum and alliances have changed drastically since the fall of Russian empire and the rise of American hegemony.”

Opinion: Both Turkey (550 BC) and Pakistan (330 BC) were part of the Persian Empire. And both nations have a date with Bible prophecy as part of the war of Gog and Magog Ezekiel 38:1-6.

Both nations are predominately Islamic and both nations are fiercely opposed to the nation of Israel. They will form an alliance led by Gog, a prince from the far north (of Israel), and they will march in a surprise attack to take Israel’s great wealth (Ezekiel 38:13).

The alliance will fall on those same mountains (Ezekiel 38:21) as a holy God once again will say “Then they will know I am the Lord” Ezekiel 38:23.

Oct 112014
Kobani Is Falling, Kurd Massacre Feared

The Daily Beast: “It is like old times. Kurdish protestors clashing with Turkish riot police in towns across southeastern Turkey and ultranationalists taking to the streets, too, flashing the symbol of the Grey Wolves, a violent far-right group that was responsible for more than 700 murders in the vicious political violence that engulfed the country

Oct 072014
ISIS flags raised in Kobani near Turkish-Syrian border

The Guardian: “The black flag of Isis was raised on the outskirts of the Kurdish Syrian town of Kobani on Monday afternoon as reports said Islamist fighters had advanced into the city after days of fighting. From the Turkish border, the jihadi flag could be seen flying from a four-storey building on the east of

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