Compass International E-News: Off The Rails

From Bill Perkins
Dear Compass Supporters:
This should be a most interesting summer and fall. Especially if we’re getting close to our rapturous and exciting exit.
Very few have a clue as to what is actually happening around the world. The Devil, being the liar that he is, is doing his best to keep the lid on the climbing number of va((ine-caused deaths.
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My eyes anticipate the night watches, that I may meditate on Your word. Psa. 119:148
It’s hard to believe what’s going on around us. Perversion is defended by law while millions of babies in the womb are still legally murdered.
If that weren’t bad enough, now it’s gone off the rails.
Our public schools are actually teaching that a man can get pregnant!
The picture is what is being shown to 5-year-olds. That’s all you need to know about the state of our school systems.(1)
And since this unscientific and Satanic ridiculousness of male pregnancy is also being pushed/defended/not opposed by the majority of our elected officials, you can see our nation is in big trouble.
Some are saying we’ve been conquered from within. I would agree they’re certainly trying to conquer us because we’re one of the last true democracies on earth.
There will be no New World Order if the USA is still holding on to its Republic. So we’re the main target of the Globalists/Satanists.
It sure doesn’t seem like the Biden regime is working to protect us! Instead they’re doing everything they can to collapse America.
What’s happening to our borders, energy, food, elections, health care, military and financial system is proof that whoever is in charge is NOT working in our best interest.
So what’s really going on?
Well, some believe the guys in white hats are just weeks away from riding in and saving the day. That they’ll take over, arrest the bad guys and bring everything back to normal.
I know a lot of sharp people who are pinning their hopes on that. And I too hope they’re right. I’m all for it. Who doesn’t want that to happen? Yes, arrest the bad guys!
But there are some good reasons to believe that’s not going to happen. Instead, it’s possible the bad guys are leading us into a horrible mess and no one is stopping them.
Looking back at what the bad guys did with their control of the major media in regards to the man-made virus and the fake va((ine, it’s not too hard to believe we’ve probably been lied to for years about a lot of things. So what else are they lying about?
Hint—the Bible says:
That which has been is that which will be, and that which has been done is that which will be done. So there is nothing new under the sun. Eccl. 1:9
That verse is the basis for our expression “History repeats itself.” So what can we learn from history that will help us understand what’s going on today?

Well, it uncomfortably turns out that in Germany between 1921-26, as Hitler was rising to power, he set up an extensive disinformation psy-op campaign called “Operation Trust.”

Hitler wanted to neutralize his opposition by using fake stories to plant in the minds of his opponents so they would be distracted and not react/revolt over what he was doing—which was securing his absolute power. He needed to buy time.

So Hitler had his equivalent of our “Deep State” to find innocent but powerful individuals in which to mix fake intel inside of non-fake intel. It was well planned.

The ruse was perpetrated that there was a group in the military who knew Hitler was bad, and a lot of those around him were also bad. So the good guys knew this and were preparing to take back power in Germany.

Using a fake Russian anti-Bolshevik group, the good guys put the word out that they were waiting a little longer for Hitler to expose himself and they would then spring their take-back-over plan.

They released this information in bits and pieces over several years, which allowed Hitler the time to get complete control of everything—without much opposition. By the time the good guys realized they had been duped, it was too late.

When you look at the information that was disseminated before and after our recent national elections by Q-Anon, Simon Parkes, etc., it sure LOOKS like the same thing that Hitler did in Germany. Hmmm…
Just like in Germany, the “highly classified/behind the scenes secret information” was dribbled out and passed around and people believed it was coming from an inside source.
Then when the national election was obviously stolen, the good guys were effectually neutralized as they were told just wait another few days, or weeks, or months because a plan was in place.
It’s a lot easier to let your defenses down when you’re hearing what you want to hear.
If that’s what actually happened—that the bad guys are behind a lot of hopeful but fake intel with the express purpose to let the steam out before the pot explodes—then they’re continuing to do the same thing today.
The latest psy-op ruse today is to just wait until the elections and the Republicans will sweep in, take over and arrest all the bad guys.
If this is the ruse that’s being spread, then the bad guys apparently think that by November it will all be over, they will have secured their power forever.
If that’s the ruse then they want us distracted by worrying about a war with Russia or China. Or worrying about a digital currency coming. Or food shortages.
All to buy time and/or to keep our eyes off their power grab and/or huge and growing number of people dying from the va((ine.
If this is what’s going on, the chances of having an election, or at least an election with honestly counted ballots, is zero. These Globalists/Satanists have no intention of giving up their power.
Again, I’m all for the good guys making a come-back. But if it’s a ruse, then we have to rethink what’s actually happening because we’re watching our freedoms systematically being stripped away from every direction at an alarming pace.
If we’re at the end of the Church Age, and I believe we are, the Bible says nothing about a world revival. Rather it says the world will wax worse and worse.
And when you see all the prophetic signs coming together, you know the Rapture is getting close. Watch “Is 2022 the Jubilee Year?” in the Additional Resources section below. It’ll make you smile!
We’re no doubt seeing glimpses of the carnage that’s coming. And we also are seeing how perfectly opposite Satan is from Jesus.
Think about the contrast—Jesus had 3 1/2 years on this earth bringing life and healing.
Satan will have 3 1/2 years (the 2nd half of the Tribulation) bringing just the opposite—suffering and death.
Jesus ……. Satan
Truth ……… Lies
Life ………… Death
Healing …… Suffering
Food ………. Famine
Are we watching Satan warming up, getting his minions ready to take over? Sure looks like it!
Until our exciting and loud exit, we patiently wait, trusting that the Lord is in control. We’re comforted by what we see, knowing the Lord will remove us from the line of fire before He unloads His fearsome wrath on an unsuspecting earth.
So use the time wisely that we have between now and the big boom. And regardless of whether it’s months or years away, make solid decisions based on God’s Word because eternal investments yield eternal rewards.
Use us, Lord!
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