Africa’s 1st COVID-19 vaccine test protests

Protesters attend a demonstration against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine testing on Africans, at Wits University in Johannesburg, South Africa, July 1, 2020. REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko

Washington Post: Protesters against Africa’s first COVID-19 vaccine trial burned their face masks Wednesday as experts note a worrying level of resistance and misinformation around testing on the continent.

Anti-vaccine sentiment in Africa is “the worst I’ve ever seen,” the CEO of the GAVI vaccine alliance, Seth Berkley, told an African Union vaccine conference last week.

“In general, people in Africa know the diseases and want to protect each other,” he said. “In this case, the rumor mill has been dramatic.”

The trial that began last week in Johannesburg is part of one already underway in Britain of the vaccine developed at the University of Oxford. Some 2,000 volunteers in South Africa are expected to take part.

Opinion: On May 12, the ever-present Dr. Anthony Fauci claimed that a vaccine for the start of the fall school year is a ‘bridge too far’, makes one wonder what kind of vaccine they are testing, and why Africa?

Maybe this is the answer…

“The people chosen as volunteers for the vaccination, they look as if they’re from poor backgrounds, not qualified enough to understand” protest organizer Phapano Phasha told The Associated Press ahead of the event. “We believe they are manipulating the vulnerable.”

Manipulating poor black people? Really? And where is BLM on this?

You guessed it, crickets

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