Biden Administration Rewards Terrorists: Abbas and Hamas


Gatestone Institute

  • Ironically, the same Abbas who told Blinken that he (Abbas) is committed to a peace process with Israel is the same Abbas who also wants to see his Israeli “peace partners” put on trial at the ICC.
  • Now comes Blinken and announces the reopening of the consulate in the city. Here is how the Palestinians understand his gestures: If you fire 4,000 rockets and missiles at Israel, you get a US embassy in Jerusalem and millions of dollars of US taxpayer money. It works! The solution, then, is to keep on doing it!
  • By reopening the consulate, Blinken is telling both Hamas and Abbas that the US does not recognize Jerusalem as the united and undivided capital of Israel.
  • Blinken has also sent a message to Abbas and Hamas that former US President Donald Trump’s formula of “peace for peace” in the Middle East is off the table; they no longer need to worry.
  • Abbas and Hamas are rubbing their hands because, the way they see it, the Biden administration has just achieved their goal of scrapping Trump’s peace plan Read More

Opinion: Terrorism wins. The West has chosen their side, and after 3500 years Esau wins over Jacob in the court of public opinion. So this is how the wars of the last days happen.

They are financed not just by Iran but by the same nation that has protected Israel since 1948, the United States of America, and it won’t be long before we pay a big price under the Abrahamic Covenant and Genesis 12:3.

The Palestinian Authority and Hamas have won this round. Billions will flow into their coffers and there is no earthly power that will stop it. Operation “Guardian of the Walls” (that were rebuilt in 516 BC when the Jews were freed from captivity in Babylon) will likely be Israel’s last war before Psalm 83.

Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation,
That the name of Israel may be remembered no more.” Psalm 83

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