Blinken Admits: ‘Several Thousand’ Americans Stranded in Afghanistan


Daily Wire: Secretary of State Antony Blinken testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Monday, and the dynamic he faced was a familiar one: Democrats largely used the opportunity to defend the Biden administration and ask “questions” designed to further a political narrative friendly to the White House, while Republicans were far more hostile.  Members of both parties speechified and preened.

“We inherited a deadline; we did not inherit a plan,” Secretary Blinken says.

This sound byte was served up under friendly questioning, as a Democratic Congressman sought to paint a picture of the Trump administration being at fault for the Biden administration’s historic policy failure.  It’s a snappy line, but it’s doesn’t make a good point.  Team Biden did inherit a deadline for withdrawal, which they discarded and delayed shortly after taking office.  They like to pretend that it was set in stone and inherited, so their hands were tied, but they themselves had already moved it.  Why?

Blinken just said, Biden took some risk to extend the Trump May 1 deadline to conduct as “safe and orderly” withdrawal as possible. Can’t make it up

Oops.  Beyond that, Blinken himself acknowledged that the Taliban was already in violation of the terms they’d agreed to under the Trump-era deal.  In other words, the “deadline” and deal they “inherited” had already been vitiated by the enemy, and the new American administration had made a conscious choice to move the supposedly set-in-stone date.  This was likely done with the symbolic date of 9/11 in mind, for political purposes, but Blinken says it was to facilitate a smooth withdrawal, a task that obviously crashed and burned.

As for the withdrawal plan point, some Trump officials say there actually was a set of recommendations handed off to Biden, who promptly ignored them, Read More … 

Opinion: In the same way that a botched Hillary Clinton/ Barack Obama Benghazi debacle caused the deaths of 4 US diplomats …

Remembering the 2012 Benghazi attack that killed 4 Americans: 'The US will never forget this outrage' | Fox News

 … a botched Susan Rice/Joe Biden Afghanistan debacle cost 13 American soldiers.

What We Know About the 13 US Service Members Killed in Kabul - The New York Times

The same incompetency, the same excuses, and the same media cover, but an additional 9 dead Americans.

So what comes next? Endless investigations and charges against Biden officials? That would be funny if it were not so tragic. No Democrat was charged in Benghazi and none will be charged in connection with Afghanistan, meaning that the progressive left is immune from Grand Jury investigations, immune from impeachment, and immune from civil prosecution.

I keep hearing Republicans complain that Democrats are working towards a one party system of government. I submit we are already there. Leaving thousands of Americans behind in favor of thousands of unvetted Afghans leaves no doubt.

The path is clear for a moral, political, and economic collapse of the US by the most progressive government in US history.

So, where is America in prophecy?

(note: As I was writing this opinion, news broke about General Mark Miley having contacted his Chinese counterpart in what could be a treasonous act (HERE).  As of this morning General Miley has made no statement. If the story is true it will be interesting to see if the general is forced to step down or will he skate like all the rest)