DEM Leader Ilhan Omar Appears to Endorse Riots That Have Destroyed Lives and Businesses in MINN


PJ Media: In a video tweeted by The Hill Sunday, Democrat “squad” member Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minn.) endorsed the riots that have destroyed countless lives and businesses over the past three months. Omar is speaking in the video to her constituents.

Reading from a script, Omar calls the riots “an ongoing uprising over centuries of racial neglect and oppression.” She added that “we maintain a system that grinds millions into desperate poverty.” She further calls for a socialist system to replace our open capitalist system.

Omar’s ingratitude to the country that saved her and her family is staggering.

Opinion: Representative Omar must have a short memory about the past violence that had nothing to do with George Floyd in the city she represents.

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Welcome to Little Mogadishu, the City Soon to be F/K/A Minneapolis

Little Mogadishu, in the city soon to be formerly known as Minneapolis, where the good people of Minnesota — of Scandinavian, German, and Irish stock —  have been busily importing people from perhaps the most culturally alien region of the world, Muslim East Africa. 

A group of Somali volunteers including Abdirahman Mukhtar, left, and Abdullahi Farah gave out pizza and tea to young people from a stand Friday in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood.The men hope by connecting with youth and engaging them in conversation they can combat the shootings that have recently plagued the neighborhood. 

After the  latest spasm of gang violence, Minneapolis’ Somali residents and business owners on Monday stepped up their calls for help from City Hall and police headquarters to help curb the senseless shootings that they say too often go overlooked. On Friday alone, five men of Somali descent were shot in separate attacks, one fatally.

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Currently, there are two members of the US Congress from terror nations because of Obama-inspired immigration that are openly spewing anti-Semitic hate. None of the members of the House have the temerity to call them out. that had nothing to do with George Floyd