US House Passes Bill: Animal Abuse a Federal Felony


Neon Nettle: The US House of Representatives has passed a new bipartisan bill to make animal abuse a federal felony.

The bill will ensure serious consequences for people found guilty of animal cruelty offenses and was unanimously passed in the House on Tuesday.

The bipartisan Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture (PACT) Act was introduced by Florida Reps. Vern Buchanan (R) and Ted Deutch (D).

If the bill becomes law, people found guilty of torturing animals would face felony charges, fines and up to seven years in prison. more …

Opinion: Being a horse, cow, dog, and cat lover like me, I applaud the new law as protection for God’s creatures. However, infants in the womb have no such laws to defend them.

New York’s Governor not only legalized late-term abortions, but said the law does not go far enough.

The law allows late-term abortion until the baby’s due date if it meets certain requirements. Not only is this kind of legal protection of late-term abortion an affront to the humanity of the unborn and the dignity of society, but New York celebrated it publicly, as if it had just won the Super Bowl.

In fact, the killing of the unborn is so heinous that most have to look away even from an animation.

The 2020 election is about more than politics.