Moscow &Tehran prepare to arm Hizballah, including Iranian air defense missiles


Debkafile: Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif pointedly visited Beirut on Monday, Feb.11, the day of the Islamic revolution’s 40th anniversary, to highlight the length and breadth of its reach – even under US sanctions, threats and Israeli bombardment.

Like Moscow, Tehran has shifted its focus to the quest for a foothold in Lebanon to consolidate their success in preserving the next-door Assad regime in Damascus.

Both have designated the Shite Hizballah terrorist organization as their main channel of influence in Beirut. Except that Russian Deputy Foreign Minister. who visited Jerusalem last week for talks with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, insisted on Sunday, Feb. 10, that Hizballah is not a terrorist group, but a positive force for stability in the Middle East. more …

Hezbollah Flag

Opinion: Not a terror group, they say. A force for stability in the Middle East, they say?Let’s take a look:

Israeli troops discovered the sixth and final tunnel dug by Hezbollah militants for cross-border attacks on December 16, 2018. The tunnel was 55 meters deep and ran 800 meters (.49 miles) inside Lebanese territory and also dozens of meters into Israel.

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The tunnel included stairs, a rail system and a wide passageway that allowed for the movement of equipment and a large number of forces.

Hezbollah is known as the “Party of God” as well as “Organization of the Oppressed on Earth” and the “Revolutionary Justice Organization.” Its main goal is the establishment of an Islamic government across the Arab world that will “liberate” Jerusalem and the entire area of present-day Israel.

Israeli intelligence estimates Hezbollah has amassed a stockpile of 150,000 rockets, including missiles capable of striking every major Israeli city. Hezbollah has no enemy other than Israel.

Although Hezbollah is already classified a terrorist organization by multiple countries, including Israel, the US, and members of the Arab League, the UN has refused to condemn Hezbollah’s terror tunnels or classify it as a terror organization.

On December 7, 2017 the UN General Assembly also refused to classify Hamas as a terror group.

Debkafile sources in Washington estimate that the US will have its forces out of the area by April, handing Syria over to Russia, and placing Israel and prophecy watchers on high alert.