‘Muslims are driving Jews out of Western Europe’

LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 17: Katie Hopkins sighting at BBC Radio 2 on August 17, 2016 in London, England. (Photo by Neil Mockford/GC Images)

Israel Hayom: In a controversial appearance Monday night, contentious U.K. commentator Katie Hopkins told i24News that an influx of Muslims across Europe has caused a rise in anti-Semitic events and thousands of Jews to flee to Israel, among other pointed topics including the continent’s migrant crisis and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In the heated debate alongside former Israeli Ambassador to France Daniel Shek, Hopkins stood by the claim, as explored in her new documentary “Homelands,” that it is the Muslims who are “forcing the Jews out of Western Europe,” as well as “her own population.” more …

Opinion: If we were to make a top 6 list of reasons why we think the rapture of the church and beginning of the tribulation are near, this headline would be #2 right after the global buildup of anti-Semitism.

  1. Anti-Semitism rises globally – see headlines in intro to Two Trains here
  2. Muslim immigration is driving Jews out of Europe and back to Israel see Ezekiel 38:28
  3. Europe is looking for a super leader to “steer the ship” see Jean Claude Junker call for “One powerful president for WHOLE of EU’ here

4. Psalm 83 nations are in alliance to wipe Israel from the map

5. Three principal Gog Magog nations are in alliance Ezekiel 38:1-6

6. Progressive liberalism in Christian churches is paving the way for “The People Rule” Laodicea Revelation 3:14-22

See more on Psalm 83 and Gog and Magog in Bible Prophecy 101 chapter 6 here

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  1. God is bringing his people home, and it all started with a fruit vendor in Tunisia that set himself on fire in protest. Civil war unseats every dictator around the Med and causes countless muslim refugees escaping to Europe. Ending in Syria where Assad refused to cave in and enlisted the help of Russia, Iran and Turkey and formed the foretold trio. The refugees take with them their hatred for the Jews and now the Jews need a safe place.
    Sounds like it is time for a peace plan that guarantees safety for all of the Jews that need to go home.

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