NY Times Excuses Palestinian “Localized Expressions of Impatience,” I Mean Rockets.


Jewish press: The horrible anti-Israel bias of the NY Times has been going on for roughly a decade and is covered in detail in the article “A Review of The New York Times Anti-Israel Bias,” so the May 6, 2019 article covering the 600 rockets fired by Palestinian terrorists into Israel was certainly going to be much of the same. However, one cannot help but marvel at the entirely new expressions concocted at the paper to excuse the Palestinian war crimes.

Consider this paragraph from the paper’s front page:

“The outbreak of violence appears to have begun on Friday, when a sniper wounded two Israelis, a violent but localized expression of Palestinian impatience with Israel’s failure to alleviate dire humanitarian conditions in Gaza.” more …

Opinion: One could almost start to believe that large numbers of people, including Christians and leftist secular Jews, are anti-Israel … oh wait, they are.

Two of three theologies are causing the Christian problem, and the likelihood is that most of their adherents would never admit they are trafficking in anti-Semitism.

  • The Church is Israel – Covenant theology, mainly Protestant denominations
  • The Church replaced Israel – Replacement Theology, Catholic, Anglican, World Council of Churches
  • The Church and Israel are separate but equal in God’s plan – Dispensational theology, Evangelical and Southern Baptist

Take a guess which of the three are criticized and maligned the most, which is what prompted me to write ‘Two Trains’ Israel and the Church in Prophecy and collect headlines on the global rise of anti-Semitism.

  • see Doctrines that divide Christianity in Bible Prophecy 101 here
  • see global anti-Semitic headlines since the October 27 Pittsburgh massacre here
  • see full text Two Trains ‘Israel and the Church in Prophecy’ here

While the progressive left convictions that conservatives are guilty of racism, homophobia, misogyny, Islamophobia, transphobia are all the rage, the world’s oldest and deadliest hatred that will lead to the final wars and end of the age, anti-Semitism, is rising in similar fashion to 1938 Germany.

Note to readers: Editor and I are leaving for Israel on Friday morning for two weeks. We plan to publish 1 post each evening, Israel time, with pictures and commentary. We are leaving the blog in the capable hands of our friend Vason who has volunteered to keep up with headlines.

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