Pope Francis hails pro-abortion Irish president as a ‘wise man of today’


LifeSite News: Pope Francis said Friday he thanks God “that Ireland has such a wise man as its Head (of State)”, despite Irish President Michael D. Higgins’ support for a range of anti-life and anti-family laws that run contrary to the Catholic faith.

The Roman Pontiff was meeting with Higgins in the Vatican this morning when, during their formal photocall, he told those gathered that “today, I did not just meet a man, a president; I met a wise man of today.”

I thank God that Ireland has such a wise man as its Head (of State),” he added.

Today’s comments by Pope Francis echo previous tributes he has paid to other pro-abortion politicians, including Italian politician and abortionist Emma Bonino, who was Italy’s leading proponent of abortion for decades.

Bonino, who Pope Francis called one of the country’s “forgotten greats” in 2016, was infamously pictured performing an illegal abortion during her early days of campaigning for abortion, after having had an illegal abortion herself at the age of 27.

Admitting when challenged that Bonino’s support for abortion, euthanasia, and homosexual marriage put her at odds with the Catholic Church, Pope Francis nonetheless said “[T]rue, but never mind,” and that “[W]e have to look at people, at what they do,” referring to her concern for Africa. Read More …

Opinion: Pope Francis is a conundrum.

September 15, 2021

Pope says abortion is “murder” but U.S. bishops should not be political

Pope Francis speaks to the media on board an Alitalia aircraft enroute from Bratislava's Milan Rastislav Stefanik International airport in Bratislava, Slovakia, back to Rome, September 15, 2021. Tiziana Fabi/Pool via REUTERS

ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE, Sept 15 (Reuters) – Pope Francis said on Wednesday that abortion is “murder”, even soon after conception, but appeared to criticise some U.S. Catholic bishops for dealing with U.S. President Joe Biden’s pro-choice position in a political rather than pastoral way. read more

Rule of thumb: everything preceding but is a lie.

If Francis thinks abortion is murder shouldn’t the Vicar of Christ, his title, be concerned for the Irish leaders immortal soul? Is there not a commandment that says “Thou Shalt Not kill?

Another conundrum …

Vatican hosting pro-abort/pro-COVID jab conference Sept. 27-29

The Vatican’s Pontifical Academy for Life is holding a health conference promoting the abortion-tainted COVID-19 vaccines, and featuring speakers who support and promote abortion itself, in an event described as a “rupture” with the Catholic Church’s perennial opposition to abortion. read more


Clue: Pope Francis is justifying the jab to his flock even if the vaccine use stem cell lines from aborted babies.

I get the fact that Francis is turning his church upside down. And I get that in the tribulation the second in command to Antichrist could be a Roman Catholic Pontiff as described in Rev. 13:11. But that still does not explain his holiness’ admiration for pro-abortion Irish President President Michael D. Higgins.

I reread the lead article and right there in the last sentence is another clue …

A Vatican statement issued after the meeting said the pope had privately discussed climate change, migration, and Covid-19 with the Irish president.

To this vicar, climate change and open borders trump salvation.

About that new religion.