Preparing for Ezekiel 38:19? Israel’s Navy Leads Multinational Earthquake Drill


Breaking Israel News: The Israel Navy led a first-of-its-kind multinational exercise dedicated to earthquake response this week, in a drill which brought representatives from 10 naval forces, as well as NATO, to the Haifa Port on Israel’s northern coast.

The week-long “Mighty Waves 2019” exercise, which included ships and personnel from the United States, France and Greece, as well as representatives from the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Italy, Cyprus, Chile and NATO, was the largest-ever naval exercise led by the Jewish state.

Could they be preparing for the earthquake that is prophesized in Ezekiel:

For I have decreed in My indignation and in My blazing wrath: On that day, a terrible earthquake shall befall the land of Yisrael (Ezekiel 38:19)

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Opinion: Possible scenario: The Arab attack of Psalm 83 only made Israel stronger and wealthier (Ez. 37:10).  Natural gas will soon to flow to Europe via the EastMed pipeline and in the mind of a Russian prince (Ez. 38:2), Israel’s vast wealth (Gen. 49;25; Ez. 38:13) and threat to Russia’s oil and gas based economy must come to an end. It will be the final war of annihilation of the Jewish state.

Russia’s fierce anger is shared with Iran and Turkey but both are reluctant (Ez.38:4 NIV) at first knowing Israel’s vast fire power. But an evil plan is devised (Ez. 38:10) to confuse Israel’s technology and Turkey’s North African allies are brought in to attack from the south (Ez. 38:5 NIV).

No nation comes to Israel’s side (Ez. 38:13) setting the stage for total annihilation. The world watches knowing that it had to happen some day when a great earthquake changes everything. God intervenes (Ez. 38:19).

The rabbis speak of Gog and Magog often. The signs are unmistakable because the alignment of the three main principal nations is taking place right before our eyes.

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