US Pressures Israel On Iran … Again!

Israeli flag over Jerusalem

Jewish Press: 

The Ben Gurion doctrineSecretary of State, Antony Blinken, pressures Israel to refrain from sharing with the co-equal US Congress its own concerns about the adverse impact of the US policy toward Iran on the national security of the US and Israel.Secretary Blinken is, also, pressuring Israel to refrain from acting unilaterally, in order to avert the regional and global wrath of a nuclear Iran.In addition, the chief architect of President Biden’s foreign and national security policy is pressuring Israel to freeze Jewish construction – while encouraging Arab construction – in Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem, re-divide Jerusalem and to withdraw to the pre-1967 ceasefire lines, which were defined as “The Auschwitz Lines” by Abba Eban, Israel’s former Foreign Minister, who was a leading Dove.Israel’s Prime Minister is advised to follow in the footsteps of Israel’s Founding Fathers – from Prime Minister David Ben Gurion through Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir – who considered the defiance of US pressure to make reckless concessions as a central factor in their national security policy. While it triggered short term confrontations, it produced strategic long term US respect for Israel. The US appreciates principle-driven allies, who do not sacrifice their national security and cradle of history on the altar of diplomatic and economic convenience, even when it entails defiance of US pressure. Read More …

Opinion: David Ben Gurion’s response is classic and should be enshrined in the Knesset and personally hand delivered to to Antony Blinken and Joe Biden:

“The United States is a powerful country; Israel is a small and weak one.  We can be crushed, but we will not commit suicide….

Israel, by God’s grace is still small but is no longer weak. That Antony Blinken is still spouting a return to the 1967 borders by giving up the Golan Heights, parts of Judea and Samaria, and East Jerusalem (Temple Mount) after conquering those areas in a DEFENSIVE war in 1967, is precisely what Ben Gurion meant about suicide.

First some history:

1917: Near the end of  World War I Britain signed the Balfour Declaration that committed Britain to establish a national home for the Jewish people.

1919: World War I ended, the Ottoman Empire collapsed, and the Middle East was to be divided up. Israel was given all the land on both sides of the Jordan river – approximately 35,000 square miles.

1948: By the time Israel becomes a state, that land grant had whittled down to 5500 square miles handing the Arabs the Golan Heights, East Jerusalem (Temple Mount), the Gaza Strip, and the Sinai Peninsula.

Six Day War:

Israel’s miraculous victory in the 1967 war can be attributed to biblical history. The book of Esther records that in 420 BC the Jewish army preempted the attack of the Persian army against overwhelming odds and defeated them.

Learning from history, in 1967 a rag-tag Israeli army preempted a war with Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. Israel took back the West Bank, East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights, and the Sinai Peninsula in an incredible victory that stunned the world.

The leader of the Israeli forces was General Moshe Dayan. Like most Israeli generals, Dayan was a secular Jew.

Arab leaders at that time were sure that Dayan would order the al-Aqsa Mosque to be destroyed and a Jewish Temple to be built. They, and the rest of the world, never expected what would happen next. Dayan, fearing that the fighting would never stop, decided to relinquish ownership of the Temple Mount to the Arab Waqf (religious authority) as a sign of peace and good will.

Dayan ordered the Israeli flag removed from the top of the Dome of the Rock, and ordered Israeli troops to bring fleeing Arabs that were on their way to Jordan back to Judea. Inexplicably, Dayan gave them the cities of Bethlehem, Hebron, Ramallah and Jenin.

Since the June 10, 1967 victory of the Six Day War, Israel has given back the Gaza strip, Sinai, and parts of the West Bank in exchange for peace that has never come.

Why? simply because Jacob lives …

“So Esau hated Jacob because of the blessing with which his father blessed him, and Esau said in his heart, “The days of mourning for my father [a]are at hand; then I will kill my brother Jacob.” Genesis 27:41