Week in Review, Sept. 4-10, 2021: Top 7 Posts


#1 Rosh Hashanah 5782: Sundown September 6 to Sundown September 8, 2021 HERE

Rosh Hashanah: Dates, Traditions & History - HISTORY

#2 The Top 1% are Building Remote Doomsday Mansions HERE

#3 BIS Tests International Settlements With Central Bank Digital Currencies HERE

#4 Former UK PM Blair warns West should prepare for bio-terrorism threat HERE

#5 Stalinesque cruelty: Biden admin’s gay Transportation Secretary erases mom from newborns’ lives HERE 

#6 Major US Cities Are Becoming Fentanyl-Infested Cesspools As Millions Plunge Into Hopelessness, Despair HERE

#7 Warning Digital Currencies Portend Deeply Negative Interest Rates HERE