What Israel’s Enemies Learned This Month


JNS: The likelihood that Hezbollah will start a major war against Israel increased significantly in the wake of its Aug. 6 missile attack.

Hezbollah attacked Israel with 20 missiles because the outcome of Hamas’s offensive against the Jewish state in May convinced Iran’s foreign legion in Lebanon that it would only gain from aggression.

Three months ago, Hamas opened an unprovoked missile assault against Israel and incited Israeli Muslims to launch pogroms against Israeli Jews in cities across the country.

Israel responded to Hamas’s aggression with pinpoint airstrikes that targeted the terror group’s military infrastructure and command and control mechanisms and bases.

For its painstaking efforts to limit its strikes to military targets, Israel was pilloried as a racist, illegitimate state and threatened with an arms embargo by progressives in the U.S. Congress. Jews were attacked on the streets from Los Angeles to New York to Paris and London. On the other hand, Hamas was celebrated.

Even as it rained down missiles on Tel Aviv, the international community, led by the Biden administration, pledged hundreds of millions of dollars in “humanitarian aid” to Gaza. To date, Hamas has received nearly a billion dollars in pledges, and the money is already flowing in by the tens of millions. Read More …

Opinion: Similar to the border crisis where the Biden/Harris foreign policy team tries to solve a massive exodus of migrants by throwing money at corrupt foreign government officials, humanitarian aid to Gaza will only strengthen the military wing of the Muslim Brotherhood with more missiles and terror tunnels.

What Iran and every other American/Israeli hating government learned on Sunday in Afghanistan is that the US cannot be counted on to complete its missions AND proxy wars with Israel pay big dividends.


Before it launched its offensive against Israel. Hamas was on the economic ropes. It had squandered the resources, destroyed the infrastructure and sucked dry the earning capacity of the denizens of Gaza, which it has controlled since 2007. But now, thanks to its latest illegal war of aggression against the Jews, it has the economic wherewithal to keep its terror fiefdom afloat.

For Hamas, its Iranian controllers and its fellow Iranian proxy Hezbollah, the lesson of May’s terror offensive is that attacking the Jewish state is the best economic development plan. It rendered sanctions relief for Iran unnecessary.

Iran knows full well that a proxy war combining Hamas from the south west and Hezbollah from the north will likely draw in other terror actors. A prelude for Psalm 83 perhaps?

Psalm 83 - map of coalition against Israel. | Psalm 83, Psalms, Bible prophecy

Israel’s ancient enemies have not changed in 3000 years and neither has their mantra.

They have said, “Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation, That the name of Israel may be remembered no moreWith one mind they plot together; they form an alliance against you” Psalm 83:4

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