Dec 062016


Bloomberg News: “Donald Trump met in New York Monday with Al Gore to discuss an issue the Republican president-elect has long scoffed at: Global warming.

The president-elect has sent mixed signals on the issue, and Ivanka Trump plans to make global warming one of her key issues once he takes office, according to the news site Politico.”

Opinion: Whoa, Nellie! I have been mostly standing aside on Trump’s Cabinet picks, even Mitt Romney, because any CEO knows he must pick people he trusts.

But Al Gore, the high priest of climate change, is a different story.

In 2009 Al predicted that by 2014 there would be stronger and more powerful hurricanes, melting  glaciers and rising sea levels. Gore devoted numerous pages to Gulf States’ devastation caused by Katrina in his book “An Inconvenient Truth”.

None of Al’s predictions happened, but what did happen is that Al got very rich promoting green energy companies.

What is concerning here is that it appears to be Ivanka who has her father’s ear, and is getting him involved much the same way that he mentioned support for child-care programs and stay-at-home Moms that almost got the left to like him.

Maybe Ivanka, who is an Orthodox Jew should read Genesis 8:22.

Here we thought that the climate change hoax was over.

Dec 032016


Infowars: On Wednesday morning, Facebook, the social media site increasingly known as the “world’s most dangerous censor,” told yours truly that a picture depicting an eagle and a U.S. flag violates their “community standards,” and further issued a 30-day ban.  Worse yet, I never even posted the photo.”

Opinion: All this controversy over the flag is puzzling. Progressives find the US symbol for freedom a violation of community standards, and take pleasure in watching people burn or take a knee when it is displayed.

I agree with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton that there should be consequences for desecrating the symbol of freedom for which so many brave men and women gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Why on earth would anyone who hates the flag so much want to live in America anyway?

BTW, our tech-guy Lee, is still working on our new website that will combine the blog/opinions, a current headline (BPT News) page and a study hall page. We hope to be up and running by January barring any last minute glitches, at which time we will take down Facebook page permanently.

Dec 022016


Zero Hedge: “A German court has ruled that seven Islamists who formed a vigilante patrol to enforce Sharia law on the streets of Wuppertal did not break German law and were simply exercising their right to free speech.

The “politically correct” decision, which may be appealed, effectively authorizes the Sharia Police to continue enforcing Islamic law in Wuppertal.”

Opinion: New Years Eve 2016, Cologne Germany: Crowds of North African and Middle Eastern men accosted women out for the night’s festivities. They surrounded them, groped them, robbed them. Two women were reportedly raped.

The hard left New York Times on January 6, 2016, shocked the world with the headline: “Reports of Attacks on Women New Year’s Eve Heighten Tensions Over Migrants”: “Taking advantage of the New Year’s Eve street party, hundreds of young men broke into groups and formed rings around young women, refusing to let them escape, the authorities said. Some groped victims while others stole wallets or cellphones.”

There are now 4.8 million Muslims in Germany and a growing number who demand Shariah law are consciously bypassing German courts altogether and instead are adjudicating their disputes in informal Sharia courts, which are proliferating across the country.


This morning, Fox News reported that nearly 2,500 refugees from terrorism hotspots around the world are bound for the U.S. after being rejected by Australia, but not even top lawmakers can get answers about who they are.

On June 17, 2015, Donald J. Trump declared himself candidate for President of the United States promising to build a wall to ensure legal immigration and stop the flow of immigrants from terror nations.

On April 24, 2016, Barack Obama sad Angela Merkel’s immigration policy “is on the right side of history”.

Looking back, the 2016 election was a done deal.

Dec 022016
Putin Sets the Stage for the Incoming U.S. Administration

Institute For War: “Russian President Vladimir Putin has kept international attention riveted on Russian operations in Syria while escalating military deployments and political operations across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Putin’s global strategy relies on creating the impression that a U.S. challenge to Russian expansion would be met with a conventional military or even

Dec 012016
Federal Debt Tops $19,900,000,000,000

CNS News: “The federal debt moved above 19,900,000,000,000 for the first time as of the close of business, Nov. 22, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, according to data released by the Treasury. On that day, it rose from $19,899,004,081,493.50 to $19,907,540,739,514.52.” Opinion: Not one person in the Federal government seems too worried. President-elect Trump says he

Nov 302016
Islamic State Claims Ohio State Attack: Abdul Razak Ali Artan Was a ‘Soldier’

Breitbart: “The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the Monday car and knife attack on Ohio State University, describing 18-year-old Somali-born terrorist Abdul Razak Ali Artan as one of its “soldiers.” A French-speaking jihadi advises to not “spare women, children and the elderly” and consider “a simple weapon, like a pocket commando knife.” The video

Nov 292016
Giant Israeli Gas Field Gets $1.75B Green Light

Oil Price (.com): “The local partners in the game-changing discovery of Israel’s giant Leviathan natural gas field say they have signed commitment letters with two major banks for up to US$1.75 billion in financing, closing out the year with some good news after a long battle with bureaucracy. Israel’s Delek Drilling and Avner Oil Exploration—the smaller

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