African social activist condemns US intent to target developing nations with abortion funding


 Live Action: (Right to Life UK) Filmmaker, author, and social activist Obianuju Ekeocha has called out the United States for repealing the Mexico City Policy which ensured that federal funding was not spent on abortions outside the United States.

President Joe Biden will revoke the policy put in place by the former US administration, likely resulting in a large increase in funds being made available to global abortion providers that target developing countries including MSI Reproductive Choices and International Planned Parenthood Foundation.

In a speech to the World Health Organization on Thursday 22nd January, Dr Anthony Fauci, Chief Medical Advisor to the President, said:

“To that end, President Biden will be revoking the Mexico City Policy in the coming days, as part of his broader commitment to protect women’s health and advance gender equality at home and around the world”. Read More

Opinion: How ironic.

A message to President Biden

At 2 minutes 50 seconds Obianuju Ekeocha brings organizations that promote abortion like Planned Parenthood International and its racist eugenicist founder Margaret Sanger.

At 3 minutes 8 seconds Obianuju Ekeocha brings up Marie Stopes International founded by  the Scottish racist eugenicist Marie Stopes.

At 3 minutes and 15 seconds Obianuju Ekeocha references DKC International that was founded by the the American ‘pillar’ of the porn industry Phil Harvey.

At 4 minutes 16 seconds Obianuju Ekeocha brings Melinda Gates.

At 5 minutes and 30 seconds Obianuju Ekeocha brings then candidate Joe Biden speaking at a Planned Parenthood event bragging about $8 billion American dollars to fund women’s health care in developing nations.

One tiny problem – Africans were happy that President Trump cut funding for abortions in Africa. Africans do not want it.